A deadlift platform, upcoming meets, and the cutest puppy in the world!

Mama Mia! How is it March already?! I know this happens every year, this time vortex, but it still always takes me by surprise!

So I thought I’d fill you all in about what I’ve been up to so far this year, as it’s off to a phenomenal start so far!

At the beginning of January, I started working with Eric Bodhorn of The Strength Athlete for training programming. After a Skype consultation with him, I decided to stay in my weight class (63 kg) rather than cut down to 57, which means I’ve been reverse dieting ever since! (Curiously, I’ve also inadvertently lost a couple of pounds and a full inch off my waist! So I’m getting a little more aggressive with my reverse!) Anyway, the training has been going amazingly! The only downside is that, since I didn’t have a lifting platform at home, I’ve been driving to the gym (about 40 minutes away) to deadlift (note that I said “didn’t.” More on that to come!). Which means I was deadlifting only once a week (condensing all my deadlift training into one day), and as a result, my deadlift really stagnated. Sigh. BUT my wonderful, lovely hubby finally built me a deadlift platform of my own, so I can start deadlifting like a MOFO and see that max skyrocket! (Actually, today I did an AMRAP of my deadlift, and my projected max is finally over 300 lb!)

*drool* Where PRs will be made and shattered!

*drool* Where PRs will be made and shattered!

In other lifting news, my squat is feeling really good (I feel like my form has improved), and my bench is soo good! I’m benching four times a week, which I just adore, and according to my projected max, I’m already 10 kg over my previous competition max! (I don’t really believe that calculation, but it’s nice to dream!)

I’ve also registered for my first powerlifting meet of the year! The Edmonton Oil Cup on May 14! Which means I’m already less than three months away! Ahhhhh!!! Then, provincials are in June (and I think I’m already qualified), so it’ll be a busy spring for this girl! (Then, in late June, hubs and I are going to Europe, as usual, for a few weeks! Perfect time for an extended holiday!)

Lastly (and probably most importantly), we got a dog three weeks ago! (Funny story: the reason hubby was willing to build me a platform was so that I could deadlift at home and not be away from the pup for very long!) Her name is Pippi, and she’s amazing! Sweet, friendly but cautious, low maintenance, a good traveller (very important for us!), and just SO CUTE!

Look at that face! It’s a wonder I ever get anything done!

So that’s what’s been going on in Bikini Mimi land (in addition to work, language learning, and the occasional trip to visit the hubby at his job site four hours away!)! I hope the new year has began as splendidly for all of you, dear readers!

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