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Thirty-Five Days and Counting!

Hello, dear readers! So I’m currently thirty-five days out from my first meet (the Edmonton Oil Cup at Evolve Strength on May 14—if you live here, come cheer us lifters on! Admission is free!), and I’m just about to start a new training block with my programming coach, Eric, of The Strength Athlete. Last week, I tested my 1RM (rep max)… Read more »

A deadlift platform, upcoming meets, and the cutest puppy in the world!

Mama Mia! How is it March already?! I know this happens every year, this time vortex, but it still always takes me by surprise! So I thought I’d fill you all in about what I’ve been up to so far this year, as it’s off to a phenomenal start so far! At the beginning of January, I started working with… Read more »

Meet Day!

bikinimimi   December 31, 2015   No Comments on Meet Day!

So, I started training only eight weeks prior to the meet, but I was in it to win it—or at least, to hit my goals of a 100 kg squat, 75 kg bench press, and 125 kg deadlift, for a total of 300 kg. I made those goals right at the beginning of training, and I thought that if I… Read more »

All In

bikinimimi   October 3, 2015   No Comments on All In

So as some of you may have gleaned from one of my latest Facebook photos (the first photo in a loooong time on the Bikini Mimi page!), I’m gearing up for another fitness-related competition. More accurately, it’s a “meet.” Any guesses? Well, dearest reader, I’m happy to announce that I am going to be competing in a POWERLIFTING meet next… Read more »

I’m Back, Baby!

bikinimimi   September 30, 2015   1 Comment on I’m Back, Baby!

Gosh…it’s been so long since I last blogged on my travel blog, Pigtails and a Passport, and it feels like it’s been a lifetime since I had my Blogspot blog, Bikini Mimi. To all of the readers that have followed me over here, my sincerest thanks for your support as I flow from one idea to the next. And as… Read more »