Thirty-Five Days and Counting!

Hello, dear readers!

So I’m currently thirty-five days out from my first meet (the Edmonton Oil Cup at Evolve Strength on May 14—if you live here, come cheer us lifters on! Admission is free!), and I’m just about to start a new training block with my programming coach, Eric, of The Strength Athlete. Last week, I tested my 1RM (rep max) for all three lifts, and I was pleasantly surprised! My squat is by far my weakest lift, and I had the feeling that it wasn’t really improving. Sure, weights like 185 lb were feeling better, but I doubted whether I’d actually improved on my previous competition max of 220 lb. Well…

235 lb!

And for reference, this was my cringe-worthy 220 max (or was it my failed 225? Silly video cut out halfway through!) at my first competition in October:

My deadlift, which is a decent lift for me (but my form still needs a LOT of work), also went up a pretty impressive 20 lb, so I’m finally part of the 300+ lb club!

305 lb!

And finally, how could we forget my favourite lift of all time, the bench press? Well, it turns out I packed on 25 lb in the last three months (Eric says it’s probably the first time a female at The Strength Athlete has gained that much in that amount of time!)! So my current max of 190 lb would beat the current provincial record of 85 kg (187)! Here’s hoping I can replicate this on the platform come May! (Because that’s a whole different animal!)

Like butter! I’ll need to work on lengthening that pause, though, because they can be looooong in a meet!

Also, I attended a workshop two weekends ago about powerlifting technique, put on by Avi Silverberg (head coach of Team Canada Powerlifting, national bench press record holder, and World Team athlete) and Sam March (a former physique competitor turned powerlifter). I didn’t really get at first how we could talk powerlifting for hours and then spend hours perfecting our technique (the seminar lasted all day, from 9:00 to 4:30), but, of course, the time flew by! There’s a lot to those three little movements! Getting so much useful advice and hands-on coaching was incredible and really stoked my fire to ramp things up for my upcoming meets! Then, Avi even mentioned me (and my “crazy” bench technique) on his podcast, the Canadian Powerlifting Podcast (any current or wannabe powerlifters should tune in! So much valuable information!)! Combined with The Strength Athlete reposting my bench video, I felt like an almost celebrity (among a really small fringe group of people) for a few days!

Give it a listen!

My brush with almost fame behind me, I’m beyond ready to put my head down and get to work for these next few weeks. My goals for May are a little more conservative, since it’s kind of like my “practice” meet before provincials (I already qualified in October). I’ll be lifting with some unbelievable lifters at provincials (as in they lift a hundred kilos more than I do!), but I’m hoping to put up a decent total there! These are my target numbers (I have conservative and more aggressive goals for provincials):

  Oil Cup (May 14, 2016) Provincials (June 11, 2016)
Squat 105 kg (231 lb) 110 kg  (242 lb) 115 kg (253 lb)
Bench 85.5 kg (188.1 lb) 90.5 kg (199.1 lb) 91 kg (200.2 lb)
Deadlift 140 kg (308 lb) 145 kg (319) 150 kg (330 lb)
Total 330.5 kg (727.1 lb) 345.5 kg (760.1 lb) 356 kg (783.2 lb)


For reference, these were the numbers at my first meet:

  Evolve Fall Classic (October 17, 2015)
Squat 100 kg (220 lb)
Bench 65 kg (143 lb)
Deadlift 130 kg (285 lb)
Total 295 kg (649 lb)

I know most of my numbers seem pretty conservative (I’ve almost hit all of my Oil Cup goals in training already), but with meet day stress and nerves, I don’t want to set crazy-high targets and get stressed if I miss a lift (like I kind of did at my first meet). Of course, if I’m feeling amazing on the day, I have nothing against surpassing my goals!

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